“I have known Irene Csotonyi for over fifteen years.  I met Irene at her health store called Herb ‘N’ Health on Whyte Avenue.  At that first meeting I was very impressed with Irene’s knowledge, her kindness and desire to help in any way possible.  I knew I had found a “rare gem” and that I would be returning soon.
Over the years we followed Irene to another location on Whyte Avenue called Organic Roots.  She is now in the new ‘Roots On Whyte’ building located on 102 Street and Whyte Avenue.
Her health store, ‘Health Electives’ is stocked with wonderful products.  Irene spends quality time with each person, listening carefully and setting people on the path to good health.  If she cannot answer a question she will research an answer.  Irene  checks all products before putting them on her shelf so you can be sure they are pure.  Also, she sources ethical and local products.  She is able to access the conference room in the building to bring in speakers.  These interesting talks relate to new products or any health issues.  These speakers are excellent!
Irene comes from a medical background in her native country of Hungary.  I cannot stress how lucky we are to have such a valuable, knowledgable health resource person who is so easily accessible to us.”

Angela Arendt B.Ed., Edmonton


Having suffered with numerous allergies all my life, and then after developing a couple of debilitating illnesses as an adult along with miserable peri-menopause, I can honestly say that I would be a mess without Irene’s knowledge and expertise.  She has spent countless hours reviewing my health conditions and my prescription medications , then providing me with advice and plans to turn my health around.  She always has a welcoming smile and is willing to tackle any problem I bring to her.  I am ever so thankful for Irene and all her help.”

Carolyn, Edmonton


“Irene is an exceptionally well informed practitioner with years of experience and a rare depth of knowledge. She is in this profession for all of the right reasons. She cares about client’s health and well being. I have seen her work during many phases of her career and she has acquired knowledge and new techniques at each stage. From what I have seen she buys only the best products she can find. She integrates her medical background with her alternative perspective. She has a fine mind for research and clear thinking. But, she has a passionate side that ignites like a flame when talking about helping clients and promoting a healthy life-style.”

Laurie Szott-Rogers,  Aromatherapist-Scents of Wonder, Instructor, Northern Star College


“Prairie Naturals is proud to have a place on your shelves Irene. I have been a customer of yours for well over 15 years now, as has my family, and I have followed you through four transitions and four different  locations over the years. This mission statement you have made here is exactly why I have sent countless customers your way over the years, and why I sent my family to you in times of great need… You have earned the respect of your community Irene. Your integrity and your quest for knowledge and truth are the foundation of all that you do, all that your business represents. Who could possibly not see your heart and passion for what you do, and how you share it with others!”

Melissa Millman Skinner